Alanna Bray-Lougheed

#feelgoodfriday with @ongreenhouseveg and this snack plate! #ad #sponsored With all these hints of beautiful weather, all I want to do is sit outside and enjoy the sun and some delicious food. Ontario greenhouses makes that easy with their selection of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Ontario has over 220 family-owned greenhouses, producing vegetables throughout the seasons. With the majority of markets being within a 1-day drive, these vegetables are making it into your cart and fridge within hours of being freshly picked. Look for the Foodland Ontario logo at your local grocery store and join me in enjoying this #greenhousegoodness !! If you want more info, visit

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Hard to describe this feeling... One week ago, myself and these 3 women qualified for @tokyo2020 . We raced 2 incredible races that earned us our nominations. So many people have helped myself and our team along this journey-@canoekayakcan and @canoekayakbc for hosting a great set of trials, my family and friends, @burloakcanoeclub and my coach Adam Oldershaw for being a constant in my paddling career, training partners near and far, young and old, @canfund @150women @rbc @rbctrainingground @harbourpaddling @tessalovv @nelocanada @chadbrooks80 , IST (@sdubstrength @thornleycan @joshgoreham @danielajaziopoulos @mel.allen7, @cscatlantic ), @cobsbreadlakeshore, @covesporttherapy @daveykgreen @chiro.dominique @nancy.botting and many many more. Thank you. A bit of rest now and then back to Halifax to continue the work and see what this pink boat can do!!! #barb #goforgold #rbcolympian #olympics #roadtotokyo #weareallteamcanada 📸: @richlamphoto @canoekayakcan

Blown away by BC ⛴💨 Heading from Vancouver Island to Burnaby today as we close in on @canoekayakcan Olympic Trials! Excited for what’s to come and to explore a bit more of this beautiful province. 📸: @maddycschmidt

Grateful to be here in BC with @canoekayakcan ! We are able to extend our Canadian paddling season and get the most out of our daily training 🍂🏔 This year has been very different so far, with lots of ups and downs, but all the most important things have remained the same: friends, family, and the best group all reaching for our goals together. Excited to see what’s around the corner! P.S. BIG thanks to @nelocanada @harbourpaddling @vaikobi for keeping us V warm while we’re out on the water. There’s no bad weather, only bad gear😎 @canoekayakcan @150women @rbc #rbcolympian #beautifulbritishcolumbia #trainingcamp #togethertotokyo #sprintkayak #icfsprint

When @chadbrooks80 says “try to win it”... you do as you’re told 😵 We finished up a killer workout this morning before loading our boats for BC! Only a few more days on the East coast before we pack our bags and head to the West coast 🏔 Thanks to @sdubstrength @chadbrooks80 @joshgoreham @thornleycan @mel.allen7 @danielajaziopoulos @covept @mimsportsmed for keeping us happy, healthy, and strong!! #wkcan #rbcolympian #icfsprint #kayak #trainingcamp #explorens @150women @canfund