Alanna Bray-Lougheed

Blown away by BC ⛴💨 Heading from Vancouver Island to Burnaby today as we close in on @canoekayakcan Olympic Trials! Excited for what’s to come and to explore a bit more of this beautiful province. 📸: @maddycschmidt

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Grateful to be here in BC with @canoekayakcan ! We are able to extend our Canadian paddling season and get the most out of our daily training 🍂🏔 This year has been very different so far, with lots of ups and downs, but all the most important things have remained the same: friends, family, and the best group all reaching for our goals together. Excited to see what’s around the corner! P.S. BIG thanks to @nelocanada @harbourpaddling @vaikobi for keeping us V warm while we’re out on the water. There’s no bad weather, only bad gear😎 @canoekayakcan @150women @rbc #rbcolympian #beautifulbritishcolumbia #trainingcamp #togethertotokyo #sprintkayak #icfsprint

When @chadbrooks80 says “try to win it”... you do as you’re told 😵 We finished up a killer workout this morning before loading our boats for BC! Only a few more days on the East coast before we pack our bags and head to the West coast 🏔 Thanks to @sdubstrength @chadbrooks80 @joshgoreham @thornleycan @mel.allen7 @danielajaziopoulos @covept @mimsportsmed for keeping us happy, healthy, and strong!! #wkcan #rbcolympian #icfsprint #kayak #trainingcamp #explorens @150women @canfund

What happens when you take all the old ladies to a winery 🤪 (just missing @_courtsport_ , Michelle, and @maddycschmidt) Enjoyed a fun and relaxing afternoon off with the women’s kayak group yesterday! #explorens #relax

I’m so happy to have spent the past few months training with the crew at @ccklacbeauport . Merci beaucoup! There’s a great group of athletes there and they made training so enjoyable. I’m off to Nova Scotia today to join the rest of @teamcanada Women’s Kayak (2 weeks of quarantine included). I’m excited to finish the last block of this season on the east coast, training with our team! #sprintkayak #teamcanada #rbcolympian @rbc @canoekayakcan